Navilux Anti-Fouling 1100 Paint




Navilux 1100 is a tin and copper free self polishing
coating specially designed for aluminium vessles. It is
based on organosilyl polymer and pigmented with a
combination of biocides. It is a long life system
designed for use in vessels with medium to high speed
service requiring extended docking intervals.
Navilux 1100 can be used for new vessels as well as for
upgrading existing long-life systems. It achieves a highly
effective long-life protection against marine fouling by
controlled release of active biocides. Its self-polishing
nature also results in smooth surfaces hence reducing
overall hull roughness thereby improving fuel consumption.


t is recognized by Llyod’s Register of Shipping and
Germanischer Lloyd as a TBT-Free Anti-fouling Paint
compliant with IMO International Convention on the
Control of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems on Ships. Navilux
1100 is to be applied in 2 coats and has a docking
period of 18 to 24 months

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AF – For Aluminium