Navilux Anti-Fouling 1500 Paint


It is a bioactive coating with a dual method of action. A carefully adjusted balance of
Hydrophobic- and Hydrophilic domains on the surface presents an unfavourable substrate to
fouling organisms. In addition the hydrolyzing binder results in a constant renewal of the
antifouling surface. Navilux 1500 offers a stable erosion rate and long lasting fouling protection
for various types of vessels.



Self Polishing Anti-Fouling

Navilux 1500 is designed for slow to medium
speed vessels with extended docking intervals.
It achieves a highly effective long-life protection against
marine fouling by controlled release of active biocides.
The Self Polishing property of the product ensures
smooth surface, reducing hull roughness and improving
fuel efficiency. The surface is also made self-abrasive
by a carefully adjusted balance of hydrophobic
and hydrophilic binders. It is recognized by Llyod’s
Register of Shipping and Germanischer Lloyd as a
TBT-Free Anti-fouling Paint compliant with IMO
International Convention on the Control of Harmful
Anti-fouling Systems on Ships.
We recommend the product be applied in 2 coats for
a docking interval of upto 60 months.

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Additional information

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Redoxide / Brown

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AF – Upto 60 Moth Service Life