Navilux Anti-Fouling 4900 Paint


A tin-free polishing antifouling based on specially developed mixture of new age vinyl chloride –
vinyl isobutyl ether polymers and pigmented with a highly effective combination of biocides. The
surface is self-abrasive by a careful adjusted balance of hydrophobic and hydrophilic binders.
This mechanism enables leaching control and allows easy recoating after service life.



Tin free balanced antifouling

Navilux 4900 is a single component,
high solids, chlorinated rubber based anti – fouling designed for tropical waters. It is
suitable for application on a variety of hulls such as
steel, wood, etc.

Additional information

Additional information

Colours Available

Redoxide / Brown

Coating Type


Product Chemistry / Generic Names

AF – 18 – 24 Month Shelf Life