We are able to source and supply Cummins Diesel and Gas Engine Spares being known for its feasibility and affordability in both Industrial and Marine Application.

Cummins K Series: - Cummins KTA-19 G, Cummins KTA-19 M, Cummins KTA-19 D(M), Cummins KTA-19 D(M1), Cummins KTA-19 M1, Cummins KTA-19 M2, Cummins KTA-19 M3, Cummins KTA-38 G, Cummins KTA-38 M, Cummins KTA-38 D(M), Cummins KTA-38 D(M1), Cummins KTA-38 M1, Cummins KTA-38 M2, Cummins KTA-38 M3, Cummins KTA-50 G, Cummins KTA-50 M, Cummins KTA-50 D(M), Cummins KTA-50 D(M1) Cummins KTA-50 M1, Cummins KTA-50 M2

Cummins Q Series: - Cummins QSX-15, Cummins QSK-60 G, Cummins QSK-60 M, Cummins QSK-60 D(M), Cummins QSK-60 M1, Cummins QSK-60 D(M1), Cummins QSK-78, Cummins QSV-91


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